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Panel Discussion on SAP - ERP

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Department of Information Systems, HSM arranged a Panel Discussion on SAP-ERP for Bachelors of Information Systems (BBIS) students to know the significance of ERP and SAP with respect to their career path and the job market it provides at University of Management and Technology.

Panel Members from TallyBiafo
Mr. Aarish
Mr. Faheem
Ms. Husna Zeeshan
Panel Members from UMT
Mr. Usman Sattar
Mr. Usman Khalid
Ms. Zurabia Riaz
Ms. Fatima Nawaz
Introduction of TallyBiafo

TallyBiafo is the brainchild of Abdul Haseeb of TallyMarks Consulting and Usman Malik of BiafoTech, who shared a vision to impart their technical know-how of their respective fields to bring awareness of knowledge regarding SAP Education at the University level. With that concept in mind and the aim to provide quality SAP certified consultants to the industry we have undertaken this venture. Time and again, students have found out about the importance of SAP certification after entering their profession and in order to stand out in their field an understanding of SAP and SAP related courses is an added benefit and would hone one’s career in the long run.
Due to shortage of SAP consultants in Pakistan, this initiative provides a platform to make up for the lack of experts in the market. We are offering SAP Learning Hub with the option of Student and Professional Editions. In addition to that, we provide training workshops that are conducted by our consultants, who are seasoned and noteworthy ones with multiple industry experience under their belts

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