MS Applied Statistics


The economy of Pakistan is facing many modern-day challenges. To meet these challenges, we need highly qualified professionals in statistical data analysis, as in today’s business world, information is replacing physical objects. Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM) at UMT plans to play a significant role in coping with the challenges by producing academically and technically more qualified human power in Statistics. This program is designed to equip students with excellent knowledge of statistical principles and methods required by practising statisticians and also focuses on developing skills in Applied Statistics.

The nation needs good statistical analysts, researchers for academic institutions and other research organizations. This objective cannot be achieved without in-depth knowledge of Statistical Techniques. MS in Applied Statistics offered by UMT will help satisfy the need.

Upon completing the degree, graduates will understand statistical techniques and disseminate statistical knowledge through teaching and advising. Outreach programs to serve the needs of the University, and local and national bodies in research, government, business, and industry.

Career Opportunities

The participants after successfully completing the MS Applied Statistics are expected to be eligible for a wide variety of entry level positions in Statistics. They can be considered for jobs in both public as well as private educational institutions, research organizations, State Bank of Pakistan and commercial banks. They can also hold positions in various Federal and Provincial ministries.