Having a running business by the time you graduate

BS(IBF)Credit HoursNo. of Courses
Graduation Requirements 130 42
Compulsory Courses 25 9
General Courses 18 6
Core Courses 33 11
Discipline Specific Courses 36 12
Elective Courses 12 4
Program Duration: 4 years

Discipline-Specific Courses

  • Islamic Economics
  • Shariah Based Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Shariah Standards and Shariah Governance
  • Audit, Assurance, and Ethics
  • Business and Regulatory Environment
  • Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Commercial and Islamic Banking Operations Management
  • Risk management in Islamic financial institution
  • Islamic Economics
  • Study of Fiqh I
  • Study of fiqh II
  • Islamic Law of Contract

Students will undertake a 6-8 week internship at any Islamic financial institution during the summer. 6 credit hours are given for the internship and is a mandatory part of the Program.