Capitalize on CPEC Opportunities

Semester 1Semester 2First Summer
English Immersion - I
Business Mathematics
Micro Economics
Computer Applications in Business
English Grammar and Comprehension
Introduction to Business
Pakistan Development and Reconstruction
English Immersion - II/21st Century Skills
Fundamentals of Accounting
Calculus I
Life and Learning
Introduction to Psychology
Composition and Communication
Business Statistics
Corporate Social
Semester 3Semester 4Second Summer

Macro Economics
Report Writing and Presentation Skills
Cost Accounting
Principles Of Management
Islamic Perspective in Business
Statistical Inferences
Decision Models
English for Specific Purposes (Business)
Business Finance
Management Information System
Principles of Marketing
International / National Tour
Semester 5Semester 6Third Summer
Production Operations Management
Business Research and Intelligence
Leadership Skills
Introduction to Sociology
Chinese Language I
English Immersion - III
Total Quality Management
Advanced Business Computing
Managing Human Capital
Chinese Language II
Semester 7Semester 8
Production Planning and Control
Strategic Supply Chain Design
Material Management in Supply Chain
Supply Chain Performance
Project Management
ERP Supply Chain
Services Operations Management
Supply Chain Quality Management
Total Credit Hours: 126
Program Duration: 4 years

*Specialization Courses

  1. Pursue MS Supply Chain Management
  2. Create Entrepreneurial Venture
  3. Supply Chain Consultancy
  4. Benefit from CPEC Jobs