Department of Marketing

Enter a world with opportunities to think, learn and excel.


The Department of Marketing is strongly committed to integrating teaching and research with the latest technology, innovation, and trends in the business world. It contributes to the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs at the university level. Both in research and in teaching, the Department of Marketing productively leverages its diverse ties to the corporate sector, building bridges to the world of business. It is committed to further nurturing these relationships and developing new collaborations in the future to share marketing insight and stay at the forefront of the newest developments in marketing practices.

Our teaching reflects teamwork, a student-centric mindset, and relevance to the job market and industry.

Come join us, and let us help you in becoming a competent and successful marketer.


Our mission is to produce socially responsible, ethical, and skilled marketing professionals that serve by starting their own businesses and are able to lead in industry and academia by solving problems creatively.