Developing holistic leaders having the capability to transform and influence the society at large through knowledge acquired from the management school.


Our Mission is underpinned by two facets: The development of those who create value for institutions and business organizations. We accomplish this through our degree programs (BBA, BS, and MBA, MS). We also seek to develop scholars who can generate and disseminate cutting edge knowledge. We accomplish this through our faculty research and PhD programs. This mission is realized by motivating students and faculty to pursue excellence within an all-inclusive environment, built upon equitable actions, trust, mutual respect, and unwavering transparent integrity.

Core Value

that cultivates the foundations of learning and instilling the confidence in participants, whilst creating a culture of empowerment in our faculty and staff

by creating flexibility and aspiration towards developing responsiveness according to the emergent situations we operate in.

in recognizing the importance of differences in perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, gender, social classes, races, ethnicity, economic groups, and religious affiliations

in making decisions that are free from discrimination or bias and display integrity through uniformity of principles, consistency in actions, and transparency in measures

guiding interactions between students, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders with a commitment to treating others with dignity, empathy, and professionalism.

in emphasizing the importance of honesty, transparency, and reliability in all relationships and transactions.

in inspiring students and faculty to strive for the highest standards of academic and professional achievement