Campus facilities

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Dr. Hasan Murad School of Management facilitates its students through purpose-built resources. For the last 32 years, UMT has been emphasizing continuous investment in staff, facilities, research, and resources, with the specific objective of educating and developing business leaders of the future. Our focus has always been on a state-of-the-art academic environment that motivates students to excel in their studies.

Participant Relations Services (PRS)

PRS makes it easy for students to understand administrative processes and access information. Staff can assist with your questions about registration, fees, academic support, graduation, scholarships and finding your way around campus.

Office of Alumni Relations (OAR)

Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) has been established to serve as a collaborative voice for the university. Alumni Relations connects UMT to its alumni and the corporate world by building strategic relationships, utilizing the resources, and enhancing the UMT community to build the strong reputation of UMT in the world.

Office of Corporate Linkages and Placements (OCLP)

OCLP enhances the professional skills portfolio of both students and alumni by organizing a wide range of career related activities which comprises of workshops, individual advisory services, comprehensive job posting, on-campus recruitment facilities and opportunities to meet industry professionals.

Futurizm and CENTIN

Futurizm is the business incubation center at UMT under CENTIN which offers unique tools to support the early development stages of entrepreneurial initiatives. CENTIN’s mission is to facilitate and catalyze innovation, entrepreneurial development and business growth as a leading business center in collaboration with other bodies.

Information Processing Center (IPC)

Information Processing Center (IPC) accommodates more than 25000 participants. Its standards meet the international requirements of highly advanced IT equipment and services including Intel® Core i7, Intel Core™ i5 and Apple iMac systems, 3 HP 9050 heavy duty laser printers, 400 Mbps CIR Internet bandwidth and scanners and CD/DVD writers. IPC holds two advanced computing labs with 13 computer classrooms, PhD scholars’ lab, graduate lab, DLD lab, FYP lab, DRC and MPhil Research Lab.

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

HSM-UMT supports its academic programs and research initiatives through an automated library, on-site collections and a variety of online services. UMT library is an indispensable source of information and is one of the excellent working libraries of Pakistan.

Clubs and Societies

The Office of Participants Affairs (OPA) manages wide range of clubs and societies catering for both co-/extracurricular activities. More than 80 student-run clubs and societies organize activities, events, competitions, get-togethers, seminars, camps, conferences and more for participants. There’s a wide variety of clubs on offer – academic, cultural, spiritual and special interest – to make students in touch with like-minded people.

UMT Students Housing(USH)

UMT encompasses a diverse student body, who joins UMT from all parts of the country studying multifarious disciplines at the campus. Keeping this in mind, UMT has made a suitable arrangement for students who hail from distant areas and provide them housing facilities at a very reasonable price.

Medical Unit and Clinical Counselling

If you have a disability, medical or mental health condition that may impact your studies, UMT Medical Unit and Clinical Counselling services can support you. These services include expert health and wellbeing counsellors, medical practitioners and clinical counsellors to support you in all facets of your life.

UMT Cafeteria

The UMT Cafeteria provides a relaxing environment to its students where they can enjoy meals and snacks during breaks from their studies. The cafeteria offers high quality hygienic food at subsidized rates. Menu items cover snacks, juices, meals, barbecue and much more. Special emphasis is placed on maintaining the highest standards of quality and cleanliness.


The UMT Gym is designed and equipped to cater for fitness requirements of students, faculty and staff befitting lifestyle needs with professional trainers.

UMT Grand Masjid

The UMT Grand Masjid caters for the spiritual and holistic development of the students by offering facilities for daily prayers as well as Friday sermons by renowned scholars and speakers.

UMT Transportation

The mission of UMT Shuttle service is to make efficient, safe and timely travel to and from campus. UMT shuttles are very comfortable and run throughout the day to serve UMT students and faculty members. The shuttle service is provided for all the major routes of the city of Lahore. The students need to use their ID cards to get the transportation service. UMT offers transportation service to the campus community to provide sustainable commute recourse and to improve the quality of life.