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Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM) at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) is ranked in the top few business schools of Pakistan. The corporate world at home and abroad testifies the quality of its programs by readily absorbing the HSM graduates in various commercial activities of their organizations. Established in 1990 as a project of ILM Trust, the University of Management and Technology, then known as the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), has evolved into a premier institution of higher learning in the country. This success rests on the high teaching and research standards maintained by the University over the years. Recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as a “W4” category (highest rank) university, UMT is also the first in the Punjab amongst medium sized universities in the general category.

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Paras Zubair

Consistent struggle and passion to excel is something I have always cherished and prioritized. In addition to this, UMT gave me chance to propagate myself as per my academics were concerned.

I, Paras Zubair – Business graduate from UMT believe that an institute must be a place where the student can see himself/herself grooming professionally and UMT has proved itself to be one of those institutes. UMT truly facilitated me grooming professionally which at the end helped me choosing the right career path. By the time I graduated from BBA program from UMT I knew that this is exactly the place to do MBA from.  Hence, I enrolled myself in their MBA program to learn from the top-notch, cooperative, and excellent faculty.

Throughout my journey at HSM UMT I’ve been able to maintain a good CGPA and earned a Gold Medal and Rector Merit Award twice. From year 2019-2020, I worked as Digital Marketing and Freelancing Coach at Digiskills Training Program. Currently working as Deputy Metropolitan Officer Regulation (DMOR) BS-18 in Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL).

I highly appreciate HSM-UMT for providing ample opportunities to students to develop their careers and lives in a meaningful manner.

Maryam Iftikhar

I was clueless as to what I wanted during my student life but I always knew I wanted to transform myself into “someone” from no one and UMT played a key role in the whole process for me. It is impossible for me to count the ways in which UMT has served me in achieving what I longed for. I remind myself of the strength and all the irreplaceable experiences UMT has offered me while I was completing my higher studies in this diverse learning environment. The committed, extraordinary, and resourceful faculty of HSM, UMT gave me a new direction and empowered me to write a new story of my life, filled with purpose and meaning. Currently, I am working as a senior digital content strategist in a well-reputed organization where I plan, deliver and execute marketing campaigns. A Chinese philosopher once said, “A journey of a thousand miles, starts with one step” and I am glad to have taken that step with UMT and gone through all of it to get the life I’ve always dreamt of. Maryam Iftikhar BBA (2011 – 2015) MS-Management (2015-2017)

Saima Ahmed

Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal and UMT played a very vital role to my commitment of achieving the best always. I am Saima Ahmed, an MBA graduate from UMT – Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM) with a 4/4 CGPA and am truly very obliged to my faculty members of HSM who pushed me to strive for the best always whether in terms of academics or professionalism. UMT is more than an institution, it is a second home to many including me! It is place to make your dreams come true. Today I am the social media manager at a well reputed brand and this wouldn’t be possible if my skills were not polished by the top most faculty members of HSM who always taught me to outshine and never settle for anything less and mentored me during my interviews and guided me through every possible assistance. You don't have to be a genius to be successful, you just need a framework and a dream and HSM provided me with the opportunity to achieve my dreams. The effort of my mentors for helping me discover my innate potential is beyond any praise. After completing my bachelors from UMT, I knew that UMT is the best place to pursue my MBA as well and with a passion and ultimate interest in the field of marketing, I knew that UMT is the best choice with the best faculty’ if I want to surpass and grow in my career. During my 6 years journey at UMT I have learnt to be creative and gained utmost confidence and wherever I stand today is all due to the efforts of my mentors and my parents who always motivated me to achieve my passion and always supported me with academic and professional pursuits and guided me to choose the best path. I consider myself to be lucky that I came across faculty members who made me what I am today! Thanks to UMT, Thank to HSM!

Muhammad Asad Javaid

Having completed my BBA and MBA in 2016 and 2018 respectively, I always had a huge interest in the auto mobile industry despite the fact that I had been working in Pakistan Cargo Service as Business Development Executive for 3 years (while studying). The interest grew as I completed my studies and then finally in 2018, right after my MBA, I got a job offer at one of the Pakistan’s first and foremost company which was changing the vision of how used cars are sold in Pakistan - CarFirst. I happily accepted the offer for the Regional Purchase Manager post in 2018 and due to my interest, I performed well. So we’ll in-fact that, after the first couple of months, I was promoted to the Growth Manager position, looking after the purchases side of CarFirst, nationwide. I was managing a team of more than 50+ employees, directly associated with purchases. During my time as the growth manager, I was able to increase the purchase conversion ratio to new heights, as our purchases grew from 12% to 27% within 12 months.

 Fast forward to the year 2020, I was heading the Expansion side of CaFirst (being one of the youngest Lead in CarFirst), making sure we enter new cities and expand our operations in more areas of the cities that we currently operate in. In under one year, under my leadership, we were able to expand in more than 2 new tier 1 cities and 2 new tier 2 cities in Pakistan, crossing a whooping 40+ purchase centers nationwide.

 Due to my performance, I have been recently promoted to Sales Operations department, where I’ll be working as a Senior Manager Sales Operations to elevate the sales numbers of the company.

 I have been very lucky to have found something that interests me and a company that makes sure that I am equally rewarded for the work that I have done, while being associated with in for the last 4 years (almost) now.

 Everything has happened due to the remarkable and utmost support of the teachers at the university who always guided me to the right path, mentored me when I was completely lost and cheered my achievements with me. I certainly look forward to denting my name and aim for new heights and use my potential to not only benefit me but others around.

Hamza Abbas Bakhsh

BBA Hons, Graduated 2017/18

Founded an automotive on-demand services platform as a student venture that later on raised funding and has now entered the fifth year of service. Served as the CEO for a little over four years. Auto Genie has emerged as a fleet maintenance partner for Pepsi Co., Dawn Foods Group, Bunny's, Treet Group, Packages and various other well versed brands in the country over the years.

Currently part of two companies; heading a manufacturing firm that produces car care and auxiliary after-market parts for automobiles. This domain is majorly monopolized by second and third generation businesses. And, co-founded a technology start-up “Ezafa” along with a financial risk analyst based in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a peer to peer ecommerce platform for Pakistani and developing South Asian markets. The company is incorporated in the US.

  • Founded Auto Genie, 2014
  • Founded UNISOURCE, 2019
  • ATX+PAK (Pak-US Exchange) Alumni, Texas, United States 2016
  • Published in 25 under 25 in Pakistan, Techjuice, 2016
  • Rajeev Circle Fellowship, California, United States 2019
  • Startup Grind, Barcelona, Spain 2018
  • Startup Pirates, Bonn, Germany 2018
  • Startup Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey 2015
  • Startup Grind Global, California 2020
  • Oslo Innovation, Oslo, Norway 2020
  • Pak-Europe Tech Exchange, Stockholm Sweden 2020



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