Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods

Enter a world rife with opportunities to think, learn and excel.


The Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods at Dr. Hasan Murad School of Management is a growing and energetic department that brings together quality faculty and student body. The department supports the UMT’s mission and focuses on community connections, teaching and research. The department provides excellent, innovative and rigorous teaching of different disciplines of economics and statistics. It provides vibrant environment for learning. The faculty of the department is well aware of the dire need of understanding regarding issues in global business, economics and statistics. Its focus is to spark discussion, debate, ideas among students in the class and then this discussion can be carried out for testing any research problem by using statistical tools. The department connects international / national economists, business leaders and statisticians through conferences and seminars/ webinars. The teaching is based on theoretical and empirical case studies.


We aspire to become one of the world’s prestigious institutions involved in identifying catalyzing and fostering high-impact cross-disciplinary research involving the Economics and Statistics. 

To develop professionals with strong base in the field of Economics and Statistics who can understand and analyze issues faced by a developing country like Pakistan and by the world.

To provide supportive learning environment for relevant education and training in Economics and Statistics disciplines through interaction with industry leaders, seasoned policy makers, experienced faculty and students from wide academic setting.