Department of Management

Enter a world rife with opportunities to think, learn and excel.


Under the auspicious and dynamic leadership of our Rector Dr. Asif Raza, the Management Department is in constant pursuit of uplifting both the professional and personal development of its stakeholders. The development of our student body, the learning advancement of our faculty and a direct liaison with the Industry are the key priority facets where we strive to excel at. The Management Department prepares undergraduate and graduate students to become innovative, proactive and ethical leaders in a globalized world; pragmatically bestowing upon them the teachings of Management Science and the art of professional excellence


The mission of the Management Department builds onto synergizing the overall mission of the University of Management and Technology through its professionally outstanding faculty and staff. Dedicated to the constant pursuit of success of our students. The Department of Management develops and delivers market driven programs which equip our students for future careers as professional leaders in the business world

Knowledge Scope

By fusing the art, science and technology of business management, the department strives to produce leaders with deep competencies in management disciplines and in the application of new technologies for strategic and competitive advantage. Trained in advanced teaming and leadership skills, our graduates think holistically about business management and are aware of both the strengths and limitations of management acumen.

Our outstanding faculty is noted for its applied academic research; many of whom have years of corporate experience; both in the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. A continuous focus is on the improvement of the contemporary and contingent aspects of course development, ensuring the curricula maintains academic integrity and promotes our organization’s mission and strategic direction.

Several formal and informal techniques and instruments are adapted to measure student learning. We initiate and develop a sense of healthy competition amongst our student body to raise the bar of learning.