Associate Professor, HEC Approved Supervisor

Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM)

Department of Banking and Finance

Email:[email protected]



An academic, equipped with more than 13 years of teaching and industry experience, having teaching and research interests in Quantitative Finance, Investments and Islamic Banking.

  • Finance
  • Investments
  • Islamic Finance
Name of Organization Designation Start Date End Date
University of Management and Technology Associate Professor 17-02-2020 Present
University of Lahore Assistant Professor 26-12-2017 16-10-2019
Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited Assistant Vice President 25-09-2006 15-09-2014
Habib Bank AG Zurich Manager 15-12-2004 31-03-2006
MCB Bank Limited Officer Grade I 17-06-2002 08-12-2004
Publication Type Title Journal Name Impact Factor Year of Publication
Schwartz Personal Values, Theory of Planned Behaviour and Environmental Consciousness: How tourists’ visiting intentions toward eco-friendly destinations are shaped? Journal of Business Research 4.028 2020
Do Movements In Macroeconomic Determinants Affect American Depository Receipt Prices? Evidence from France International Journal of Finance and Economics 0.943 2020
Asymmetric Impact of Oil Price on Trade Balance in BRICS Countries: A Multiplier Dynamic Analysis International Journal of Finance and Economics 0.943 2020
Why CEOs invest in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives: evidence on Shariah compliant firms Applied Economics Letters 0.752 2020
Dividend payout policy of Shariah compliant firms: Evidence from United States Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 2.382 2020
Shariah Screening and Corporate Governance: The Case of Constituent Stocks of Dow Jones US Indices International Review of Economics & Finance 2.522 2020
Product market fluidity and religious constraints: evidence from the US market Accounting & Finance 2.942 2021
Does Crime-Tourism Nexus hold for Pakistan? International Journal of Emerging Markets 2.488 2021
How Islamic equities respond to monetary actions? International Journal of Emerging Markets 2.067 2019
Asymmetrical Relationship between Oil Price Shocks and Trade Deficit: Evidence from Pakistan The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development 0.958 2019
Does Insurance-Growth nexus hold for Malaysia? Asian-Pacific Economic Literature 0.450 2019
Modelling Asymmetric Impact of Home Country Macroeconomic Variables on American Depository Receipts: Evidence from Eurozone Annals of Economics and Finance 0.590 2018
Substitution Hypothesis of Agency conflicts: Evidence on Islamic equities Global Finance Journal 0.640 2019
Islamic Venture Capital Investment Style – Opportunities and Challenges Journal of Islamic Marketing 0.360 2019
Musharakah Mutanaqisah Home Financing: Issues in Practice Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research 0.370 2018
Salam for import operations: Mitigating Commodity Macro Risk Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research 0.370 2020
Islamic Venture Capital – Issues in Practice ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance 0.120 2020
Shariah compliant central banking practices: lessons from Muslim countries’ experience ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance 0.120 2020
Islamic Finance and Sale of Commodities in Organized Markets IJournal of Business & Economics 0.000 2018
Revisiting Current Debate on Shariah Position of Derivatives Journal of Islamic Business and Management 0.000 2020
Is there a cost for adopting faith-based investment styles? Islamic Corporate Finance 0.000 2019
Dividend Policy: The case of Shariah Compliant Firms Islamic Corporate Finance 0.000 2019
Introducing Islamic Finance in Unchartered Economy: The Case of Canada Developments in Islamic Finance 0.000 2017
Degree Name & Area Year University City,Country
PhD- Islamic Finance International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance Malaysia
MBA- Finance Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan
Position Start Date End Date
AVP/Branch Manager 25-09-2006 15-09-2014
Manager 15-12-2004 31-03-2006
Officer Grade I 17-06-2002 08-12-2004
  • Received BNP Paribas Scholarship
  • Institute of Bankers Pakistan
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