Course Outline

Graduate Course Outlines 2022 - 2023

Department of Information System

Graduate Level

Course NameCourse Outline
Computer Applications in Business Download
Management Information Systems Download
Enterprise Resource Planning Download
Business Intelligence Download
Web Marketing and Analytics Download
Business Process Management Download
Human Resources Infromation System Download
E-Business Management Download
Mobile Commerce Download

Department of Economics and Statistics

Graduate Level

Course NameCourse Outline
Economic Issues & Policies in Global Perspective Download
Optimization Techniques Download
General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics Download
Dynamic Macroeconomics Download
Statistical Analysis for Management Research Download

Department of Banking and Finance

Graduate Level

Course NameCourse Outline
Financial Accounting Download
Managerial Accounting  Download
Financial Management Download
Corporate Finance Download
Managerial Finance Download
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Download
Capital Budgeting and Long Term Investment Decisions Download
Financial Derivatives Download
Financial Statement Analysis Download

Department of Management


Course NameCourse Outline
Business Strategy & Policy / Strategic Management Download
Performance Management Download
Strategic Leadership Skills Download
Change Management Download
Strategic Human Resource Management Download

Department of Operations and Supply Chain

Graduate Level

Course NameCourse Outline
Technology and Operations Management Download
Managing Sustainable Supply Chain Download
Data Modeling and Decisions Download
Logistics Management Download
Vendor Selection and Development Download
Project Management Download
Decisions Analysis in Supply Chain Download
Supply Chain Strategies Download
System Dynamics Download

Department of Marketing

Course NameCourse Outline
Advertising and Sales Download
Digital Marketing Download
Marketing Analytics and Social Media Research Download
Stategic Marketing Management Download
Digital Venture Creation Download
Consumer Behaviour  Download