Course Outline

Postgraduate Course Outlines 2022 - 2023

Department of Information System

Post-Graduate Level

Course NameCourse Outline
Research Methodology Download
Business Analytics and Strategy Download
Big Data Analytics  Download
Social Network Analytics  Download
Foundation of Data Analysis using Programming Language  Download
Cognitive Computing Download
Information Retrivel and Text Mining Download
Natural Language Processing  Download
Deep Learning  Download
Web Marketing and Analytics  Download

Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods

PostGraduate Level

Course NameCourse Outline
Advanced International Economics Download
Topics in Advanced Microeconmics Download
Topics in Advanced Macro Economics Download
Topics in Advanced Econometrics Download
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods Download
Environmental and Resource Economics  Download
Seminar in Monetary and Fiscal Policy Download

Department of Banking and Finance

Postgraduate Level

Course NameCourse Outline
Inferential Statistics for Finance Download
Research Methods & Techniques in Finance  Download
Financial Econometrics Download
Strategic Financial Planning Download
Islamic Finance Download
Portfolio Theories and Practices Download
Future, Options & Swap Strategies Download
Advanced Financial Modeling Download

Department of Management

MS Program

Course NameCourse Outline
Organizational Development & Change Management                    Download
Global Human Resource Management Download
Strategic Human Resource Management Download
Human Self and Behavior Download
Organization Theory Download
HR Systems and Practices Download
History of Management and Thought Download
Ethics of Employment& Decision Making Download
Statistical Analysis for Management Research Download
Research Methodology Download
Leadership Theory and Practice Download

Department of Operations and Supply Chain

Postgraduate Level

Course NameCourse Outline
Production Planning and Inventory Control Download
Supply Chain Modeling Download
Quality Assurance in Supply Chain Download
Research Methods in Operations & Supply Chain Download
Management of Technology and Innovation Download
Seminar in Theory Building in Management Sciences Download

Seminar in Supply Chain Management


Department of Marketing

Course NameCourse Outline