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Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM)

Department of Management

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Ms. Maryam Sarfraz Ch holds the esteemed position of "Assistant Professor" at the University of Management & Technology, where she contributes as an Educationist, Human Rights Activist, Certified Mediator, SDGs Advocate, Vocal Advocate, Policy Maker, Visual Artist, Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Lawyer. With a robust academic tenure exceeding 13 years, Ms. Ch possesses profound expertise in academia, underpinned by her multifaceted background. Notably, her legal proficiency extends to civil cases, particularly those concerning property-related matters. At present, her foremost dedication lies in advancing her academic pursuits. As a seasoned legal researcher and analyst, Ms. Ch has honed formidable advocacy capabilities, reflecting her comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies. For those seeking expertise in the ever-evolving domain of Corporate Law, she extends an invitation to avail her consultancy services. Feel free to reach out!

  • Introduction Of management
  • Organizational Behaviors
  • Environmental Laws and Regulations
  • Labour Laws Nationally and Internationally
  • Media Laws
  • Informatics Laws
  • Humanitarian Laws
  • International Laws
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Company Law
  • Mercantile Laws (An assemblage of customs and practices governing a broad range of business practices at the local, country, and international levels)
  • Life and Learning
  • Corporate Law
  • Promulgation of indigenous language and culture
  • Strengthening Coexistence in the society
  • Working with Slum Area and teaching primary education and skills
  • Conducting Workshops and seminars on “ Implementation of Human Rights in society ”
  • Project on“Strengthening Democracy & Human Rights in Pakistan”
  • Project on "Raising Awareness Regarding Human Rights and Minorities Right in Pakistan
  • Project on " Why declining of motivation in labor"
  • Project on "Environmental peacebuilding and eradication of conflicts in south Asian region"
  • Project on " Civic and Political Education Through Street Theatre Performances"
Name of Organization Designation Start Date End Date
University Of Management and Technology , Lahore Campus , Punjab, Pakistan Assistant Professor 01-01-2019 Present
Teaching Experience in Several Universities (, Quaid-e-azam Law College , University of South Asia , Institute of Law , University of Lahore) Lecturer- Senior Lecture 01-08-2010 26-12-2018
Title Journal Name Impact Factor Year of Publication
Coefficient of Variation Control Chart Based on Conditional Expected Values for the Monitoring of Censored Rayleigh Lifetimes Pakistan Journal of Social Research 0.000 2022
Problems and Difficulties Faced by Conventional University Teachers as a Result of Shifting from Face-to-Face to Virtual Teaching Mode during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Empirical Evidence from Lahore Pakistan Journal of Social Research 0.000 2022
An Analytical Approach Of The Usage Of Open Educational Resources (OER) By The Teachers At Business And Health Science Schools: A Case Study From The Universities Of Lahore District. Pakistan Journal of Social Research Human Nature Journal of Social Sciences 0.000 2022
Degree Name & Area Year University City,Country
LLM University of Lahore Pakistan
MA- Political Science University of the Punjab Pakistan
Position Start Date End Date
Gujart Bar Council- Lawyer 21-07-2009 Present
Civil and Session Court Lawyer 21-10-2010 Present
Lahore High Court Lawyer 04-07-2013 Present
Techno-venture Organization (Legal Manager) 01-03-2015 30-08-2017
Kashf Foundation ( Legal Associate)-Project 01-01-2019 25-09-2019
  • Got certification of appreciation, obtained the 3rd position in Pakistan's first National interuniversity Documentary Competition based on the theme of cultivating hope- A fight against extremism in Pakistan
  • Appointed as “ Fellow” in the business of Legal Education Committee of Bar Council
  • Orator and Mediator in international forums
  • Theatre Artist –recently selected for international theatre residency program
  • Working with IPSS. Our objectives are focused on the people’s agenda. Peace is achievable only if all citizens irrespective of their religion, gender, and ethnicity are equal in the eyes and functioning of the State. We consider poverty, inequality, illiteracy, intolerance, and greed as the main reasons behind war, terrorism, and extremism. Thus equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for all citizens are the only guarantee for a peaceful society
  • Working with Legal Education Committee, Our goal is to help at least 200 women in Pakistan, specifically in Lahore, gain necessary and exceptional legal education and training by helping them build legal skills and resources to start legal microenterprises and excel to stand at the same level if not above as men
  • Strong Understanding of the practical legal aspects pertaining to civil , commercial , land laws , service matters , contract management and commercialization.
  • Conducting Seminars and workshops to lessen the gap between academia and industry
  • Organized Seminars and Workshops on "peacebuilding and the specificities of environmental peacebuilding"
  • Managing the industrial and corporate links, Being aware of curriculum development also the linkage between the industry and academia and got appreciation with ample of companies
  • Exceptional Teaching Skills also equipped with the online teaching protocols maintained By Higher Education Commission and got ample of awards and certifications
  • Member Gujrat Bar
  • Member of Punjab Bar
  • Member of Lahore High Court Bar
  • Member of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
  • Member of "Citizen Concern of Pakistan”
  • Member of Lahore Chamber and Commerce &Industry(LCCI)
  • Member of South Asian Foundation for Media Association
  • Member of Legal Teaching fellow in Bar Council Lahore
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