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Purpose of the Club:

To provide the Managic Participants, members and the general HSM community with abundant opportunities for learning, exposure, and interaction with the experts and professional industry, and to contribute to the success of former and potential participants by building lasting relationships within the club.


  • TO ORGANIZE the charter and administerthe activities held within/ by the Managic.
  • TO COORDINATE the activities and standardizethe administration of Managic.
  • TO CREATE and foster a spirit of understandingamong the peoples of Managic.
  • TO PROMOTE the principles of good leadership and fellowship in the Managic.
  • TO TAKE an active interest in the organizational, cultural,social and moral welfare of the members of the Managic.
  • TO UNITE and craft bonds of friendship,good fellowship and mutual understanding in the members of the Managic.
  • TO PROVIDE a forum for the open discussion ofall matters of student interest; provided, however,that partisan politics and sectarian religion shallnot be debated by club members within the Managic.
  • TO ENCOURAGE service-minded people to serve their school and fellows without personal financial reward, and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in club, industry, professions, public works and private endeavors by using platform of Managic.


Rules of Membership:

  • All students from any discipline of HSM are welcomed in the club as members.
  • The operational positions or roles will only be given to the students of Final year of Bachelors or Masters.
  • The club conduct policy will be strictly implemented.
  • There is no room for noncompliance for the members.
  • All will be equal and, friendship andfellowship should be strictly followed.
  • Any discrimination or misconduct of members will lead to serious actions.
  • No political or regional issues will be discussed in the club.


Roles and responsibilities of Team MANAGIC:




  • Management Executive

Would play a leading role in the development of the strategy of the club.

  • Marketing Executive

Would be developing the marketing campaigns of the club and events of the club.

  • Operations Manager

Would be responsible  to oversee all the internal club activities, plan meetings and assure the conductivity of meetings etc.

  • Relationship Manager

Would be always available in the club premises to address any kind of queries and encourage students’ participation.

  • Social Secretary

Would make sure the activity going on in the campus through word of mouth marketing and displaying flexes and brochures distribution etc.

  • Historian

Would be keeping records of all the meetings, events, seminars being conducted by the club and all the relevant details.

  • Assistant Marketing Manager

Through his excellent organizational skills would ensure his support with the marketing executives on projects at maximizing club activities.

  • Social Media Manager

Manage social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities of managic.

  • Event Coordinator

He would throw the idea of different events and will make the maximum outdoor resources available to the club to ensure the success of that event.

  • Marketing Communicator

Would be developing all the content that has to be there on flexes, brochures and digital media posts.

  • General Member

Would ensure his presence in every event and also engage general university students to attend the events.


Team Members:

  • PaarasZubair
  • JazimSherwani
  • SadafShehbaz
  • Zoya Nasir
  • Atiqa Fatima
  • Arooha Nadir
  • Ayesha Dastgir Khan
  • SheharBano
  • Abdullah Mazhar
  • AkifaTahira
  • AnilaAqil


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