Faculty Profile

Dr Yasir Rashid

Associate Professor, HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM)

Department of Marketing

 : [email protected]     : 3353     : 03004008971   

Dr. Yasir Rashid is an ex Chairman of Marketing Department (2018 -2021), Director MBA (2015-2018), HEC Approved Supervisor and a qualified marketing academician, corporate trainer, Digital Consultant and tech entrepreneur who is a graduate of AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accredited foreign business schools. He is currently serving as the Digital Marketing Consultant of Pakistan under Ministry of IT and Telecom, Government of Pakistan. He came back to Pakistan from overseas in 2014 after working for multi-billion dollar firms at various roles. 

He became the first Pakistani Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics expert from MIT Sloan School of Management, USA in 2016. 

He has over eight years of corporate experience in Australia and New Zealand. He has worked for Advertising, Direct Marketing, Utlities and Government Organizations. He has held various positions ranging from Sales Manager, Customer Services Manager, Sales Analyst, Sales Training Manager and Advertising Specialist.

He is currently devoting his academic research energies on developing the Digital Markeitng, Service Dominant Logic of Marketing and Value Co-Creation concepts. He has attended and published in well reputed international conferences and journals. He is currently working on multiple research papers in collaboration with internationally well known marketing professors from USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Educational Qualifications/ Certifications

Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics Expert, MIT Sloan School of Management, Boston (USA)

Big Data Qualitative Analytics through NVIVO Expert by QSR, Columbia University, New York City (USA)

PhD (Marketing), Waikato Management School, University of Waikato, New Zealand 

MS (Marketing), Monash Business School, Monash University (Caulfield Campus), Australia

BS (Marketing/Multimedia), Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Trainings, Consultancy, Advisory

Current : Digital Marketing Expert and Consultant, Ministry of IT and Telecom - Government of Pakistan

Exec. Training Titles:

1. Digital and Social Media Marketing

2. Brand 4.0 : Launching a Digital Brand

3. Foundations of Modern Marketing and Customer Persons

4. Digital Big Data to Big Decisions

PhD Dissertation Details

Title: Identifying the Processes of Value Co-Creation

Supervisors: Prof. Richard J. Varey and Dr. Carolyn Costley


  1. Prof. Rod Brodie (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
  2. Dr. Melissa Akaka (University of Denver, USA)

Current Academic/ Administrative/Committee Roles

(July 2021 - present) Associate Professor of Marketing 

(Aug 2014 - July 2021) Assistant Professor of Marketing 

(Jan 2018 - June 2021) Chairman, Department of Marketing 

(Apr 2015 - December 2017) Director, Office of MBA 

Courses Taught

  • PhD Level
    • Service Systems (Facilitator)- Fall 2015 
    • Seminar in Marketing – Spring 2015 and 2016
    • Marketing in the Digital Age (Spring 2018)
  • Postgraduate Level
    • MS Course: Marketing Theory & Practice – Spring 2015, Spring 2017
    • MBA Course:Selling Skills and Techniques – Fall 2014
    • MBA Course: Sports Marketing - Fall 2015
    • MBA Course: Business Research Methods - Spring 2016
    • MBA Course: Digital Marketing - Spring 2017
    • MBA Course: Freelance Marketing - Fall 2018
  • Undergraduate Level
    • Business Research & Intelligence - Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2017, Spring 2018
    • Principles of Marketing – Spring 2015, Fall 2014, Spring 2017
    • Selling Skills & Techniques – Fall 2014
    • Sports Marketing - Spring 2016
    • Social Media Marketing - Fall 2016, Fall 2017

Academic Research Interests

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media 
  • Neuromarketing
  • Consumerism, Patterns, Mentatlity and Feeling
  • Service Dominant Logic of Marketing as Business Orientation
  • Resources Integration among Actors to Actors - Process, Elements, Factors
  • Value Co-Creation - Measurments and Scale Development, Context Specific Exploration,
  • Service Eco-Systems - Community Welfare, Sustainability 

Industry Research Interests

  • Consumer Preference Index, Top 100 Brands in 20 Sectors
  • Fear or Optimisim, CPEC and Pakistani Merchants

Teaching Interests 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Service Marketing
  • Business Research and Intelligence
  • Sports Marketing
  • Multimedia Marketing for Advertisers
  • Case Studies in Marketing
  • Not for Profit Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Enhancing Customer experience through service

Journal Articles 


Waseem A., Rashid, Y. (2021). Globalization and innovative performance of country: A contingency perspective of open innovation strategies. Accepted and Forthcoming in Wiley- International Journal of Innovation and Technology  Management (ESCI, SCOPUS).


  1. Waseem, A., Rashid Y., Akbar, A A (2021). Role of government initiatives in shaping entrepreneurial intentions: A Canonical Correlation Analysis. IBA Business Review. 16(1). pp 1-17 (HEC)
  2. Waheed, A., Zhjang Q., Rashid, Y. (2020). The impact of technological alignment and advancement on firms’ project performance with mediating role of technology acceptance model. Human Systems Management. DOI: https://  (Scopus)
  3. Waheed, A., Zhjang Q., Rashid, Y. (2020). Impact of Green Manufacturing on Ecological Behaviour: Stakeholder engagement through green production and Innovation. Sustainable Development. Vol 28 (5) pp 1393-1405- DOI (SSCI IF 4.08).
  4. Waheed, A., Liu, Y., Rashid Y. (2020). The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Buying Tendencies from the Perspective of Stakeholder Theory and Practices. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. Vol 27 (3) pp 1307-1315 (SSCI Impact Factor 5.51)
  5. Bashir,S., Khwaja, M., Rashid, Y., Turi, J., Waheed, T. (2020). Green Brand Benefits and Brand Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Green Brand Image. Sage Open. Vol 10(3)  (SSCI Impact Factor 0.675)
  6. Rashid , Y., Tanveer, A., Shaukat, Z., Sadiq, I. (2020)Value Co-Creation Features: An Empirical Case Study of B2B Collaboration and Interactions in New Zealand. Digital Library Perspectives. Vol 36 (3) - DOI pp (ESCI, Scopus)
  7. Rashid Y., Waseem, A. (2020). Government’s Brand Image Destroyer: Examining the Driving Factors behind Global Human Trafficking. NUST Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. 6(2). pp 220-247. (HEC Y) - DOI
  8. Tariq, A, Rashid Y., Waseem, A. (2020). Value Co-Creation in Travel Industry: Examining the Impact of Operand and Operant Resources on Actor Experience. Vol 7(1), pp 31-46. Journal of Management Sciences (HEC Y)
  9. Zahra, N., Qayyum, A., Rashid, Y. (2019) Traveller’s Empowerment: Travelling website service quality, attitude towards UGC and booking intentions of travellers. Business & Economics Review. Vol 11 (4). (HEC X)
  10. Rashid Y., Rashid A., Warraich A., Sabir S., Waseem, A. (2019). Case Study Method: A Step by Step guide for Business Researchers. International Journal of Qualitative Methods. Vol 18. pp 1-13 (SSCI Impact Factor 2.257)
  11. Rashid Y., Waseem, A., Akbar, A A, Azam, F. (2019). Value Co-Creation and Social Media: A Systematic Literature Review using Citation and Thematic Analysis. European Business Review. Vol 31, Issue 5. pp 761-784. (ABDC, SCOPUS)
  12. Zahra, N., Qayyum, A., Rashid, Y. (2019) Traveller’s Empowerment: Travelling website service quality, attitude towards UGC and booking intentions of travellers. Business & Economics Review. Vol 11 (4) (HEC X)
  13. Zeeshan, M., Rashid Y., Ayub, U., Waseem, A. (2019). Quantifying Value Co-Creation: Examining the Relationship between Realised Value Facets and Customer Experience in a B2B Context. International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics. Vol 10, Issue 3. pp 43-644 (SCOPUS)
  14. Waseem, A., Rashid, Y. (2019) Exploring The Role of Phronesis in Social Innovation: A Case Study of Dr. Ruth Pfau. Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, 9, 1-18. (HEC Y)
  15. Mehmood, S., Rashid Y., Zaheer, S. (2018). Negative Word of Mouth and Online Shopping: Examining the Role of Psychological Contract Violation, Trust and Satisfaction. Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences, vol 12(3), pp 886-908. (SCOPUS, HEC X)
  16. Rashid Y., Zeeshan, M. (2018). Customer Attitude towards Online Ads of Smartphone Brands: A Netnographic Analysis of User Generated Comments on YouTube. Journal of Management Sciences. Vol 5(2). pp 40-64. (HEC Y)
  17. Hussain S., Rashid Y. (2016). Brand Extension Success Elements: A Conceptual Framework. Journal of Business Administration and Education, Vol 8 (1).
  18. Lone N. A., Rashid Y. (2015).  Value Co-Creation: Exploring the Role and Purpose of User Generated Content (UGC). Research Journal of Social Science and Management, Vol 5 (8).  
  19. Rashid A., Rashid Y., Hock W. Q. (2015). Examining the Effectiveness of Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) in Co-Creation: An Empirical Investigation. Journal of Science & IT Management, Vol 5(2).

Under Review Journal Articles 

    1.  Value Co-Creation: Identifying the Facets of Customer Realised Value in Industrial Marketing Management (JCR IF)
    2.  Value Co-Creation in Health Sector: Impact of Dialogue on Customer Experience. Healthcare Marketing Quarterly (JCR IF)
    3.  Value Co-Creation in Travel Industry. Journal of Management Sciences (HEC Y)
    4. Online Purchase Intention through Social Commerce: Evidence from TAM Model. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems. (ABDC, SCOPUS)
    5. Integrating Service Dominant Logic to Understand Customer Driven Metrics in Organizational Effectiveness. Personnel Review(JCR IF)
    6. Governments Brand Image Destroyer: Examining the Driving Factors behind Global Human Trafficking. Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development (JCR IF)
    7. Brand Value Co-Creation: A Case Study Of Single Brand Apparel In Pakistan. Business & Economic Review (HEC X)
    8. Travelers empowering Travelers: Website Quality, User-Generated-Content and Hotel Booking Behavior. Business & Economics Review (HEC X)
    9. Identifying the drivers of Cryptocurrency Awareness - A Case of Digital Banking Users of Pakistan. Lahore Journal of Business (HEC X)
    10. Value Co-Creation Features: An Empirical Case Study of B2B Collaboration and Interactions in New Zealand. Service Science(JCR IF)
    11. From economically deprived individual to financially independent entrepreneur. Indian Journal of Gender Studies (JCR IF

Conference Articles 

  1. Rashid Y., Nazir, M. (2018): An Empirical Study of the Consumers’ Attention towards Emotional Social Media Advertisements Using Electroencephalography (EEG). 7th Asian Management Research and Case Conference, Pakistan (Won 3rd Best Paper Award and USD 300  )
  2. Warraich, A., Rashid Y. (2018): Franchising in social sectors in emerging markets: Insights from education service franchise in Pakistan. 9th International Research Meeting in Business and Management (IRMBAM-2018), Nice (FRANCE)
  3. Sana,S., Rashid, Y., Zaheer, S. (2018). Negative Word of Mouth (NWOM) and Online Shopping: Examining the role of Psychological Contract Violation (PCV), Trust and Satisfaction. 2nd ASIA International Multidisciplinary Conference (AIMC), Malaysia
  4. Manzoor, A., Rashid Y., Sadiq I. (2018): Paperless Pakistan: Identifying the drivers of Cryptocurrency Awareness among Digital Banking Users.  1st International Conference on Management and Commerce, Pakistan
  5. Zahra, N., Qayyum, A., Rashid Y. (2018): Travelers empowering Travelers: Website Quality, User-Generated-Content and Hotel Booking Behavior.  2nd ASIA International Multidisciplinary Conference (AIMC), Malaysia
  6. Rashid Y., Sadiq I. (2016).: Value Co-Creation in Retail: A Perspective Integrating Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) and Service Dominant Logic of Marketing. Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC 2016), New Zealand  
  7. Rashid Y., Varey J. R., Costley C. (2013). Features of Value Co-Creation Process: A Multiple Actor View. Conference proceedings of Naples Forum on Service, Naples (Italy).
  8. Rashid Y. (2011). Identifying the Processes of Value Co-Creation in ICT. Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC 2011), Perth (Australia).
  9. Rashid Y. (2010) Marketing Response to the Knowledge Economy. 14th Annual Waikato Research Conference, Hamilton (New Zealand).

Thesis Supervised

MS Thesis : 14 completed, 1 current

PhD : 3 Current

Professional Experience



Client Services Manager

Watercare Services Ltd.

Auckland City Council

Auckland (New Zealand)


2011 - 2014

Sales Training Manager

Choice Force Pty. Ltd.

Melbourne ( Australia)

2008 to 2010


Group Team Leader,

Sales and Services Division

Victoria Electricity Pty. Ltd.

Melbourne (Australia)



2007 to 2008

Business Development Executive

Victoria Electricity Pty. Ltd.

Melbourne (Australia)


2005 to 2007

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