BS Accounting and Finance


This unique, professionally-oriented course has been designed to provide strong foundation to participants in finance, accounting and taxation it aims to equip participants with knowledge and competence in the field of business and commerce to pursue a professional carrier and to provide an environment that challenges the participants mind through competitive education that emphasizes on inculcating values then transforming them into socially responsible mangers and business leaders. Moreover, the qualification further emphasizes the participant to meet the needs of entering into middle-level management for being placed as executives in various departments of the company such as finance, auditing, accounting, and taxation. It will provide you with a fast track to an accountancy qualification.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this program can expect promising careers in the following roles and fields:

  • Pursue a career (Accounting/Finance/Auditing/Taxation)
  • Pursue professional studies (MBA/CA/ACCA/CIMA)
  • Helping in family business
  • Freelancing

Exemptions for UMT Graduates

          CA:       9 exemptions (RDAI - ICAP)
          ACCA:   9 Exemptions (Accelerate Arrangement - Exemption Fee Waiver)
          CIMA:   Up to 7 exemptions

Exemptions for CAF Qualified students

Exemptions - upto 60 Credit Hours. Now, Students can earn their degree (BS Accounting and Finance) within two years.