MS Management

Developing Academic Researchers for Career in Academia


The MS Management program is built upon our internationally acknowledged research capability to develop globally competitive academic leaders. This program sets new standards of research-driven learning, creative and logical thinking, and leadership in professionalizing profit/non-profit organizations in the emerging global knowledge economies. Our program prepares competitive and ethical leaders who are well aware of the 21st century’s management and leadership challenges and understand the significant role of research and knowledge creation in the well-being of organizations, society, and the world.

Students enjoy a great amount of freedom to select the coursework of their choice and also to decide if they want to further strengthen their independent research skills through a thesis or to deepen practical skills by taking the equivalent coursework to complete their degree.

Career Prospects

  • Career in academic institutes
  • Management Consulting and Training
  • Career in International Development Agencies like UNIDO, ADB, and USAID
  • Opportunities for International PhD Scholarships