Executive MBA


The Executive MBA Program is designed to cater to the unique career aspirations and time constraints of progressive professionals who want to equip themselves to take up strategic roles and leadership positions amid digital advancements in the business world. While we understand, that your weekdays are busy and you rightly believe that conventional teaching cannot help you match corporate expectations -- So, we have designed an Executive MBA Program that is offered on the “Weekends” in an ‘atypical’ learning environment where theories are used just overarchingly and the learning and development goals are achieved through the integration of concepts and participants’ practical knowledge. We can do this, because our hand-picked, internationally qualified, and industry-experienced faculty has a unique capacity to uphold principles of andragogy to design competency-based modules on corporate training patterns. We are also able to do this because our classrooms contain a rich diversity of professionals who come from a range of industries with tons of knowledge and wisdom - a network that lasts a lifetime. So, when you join our 2-year Weekend Executive MBA Program, which HEC recognizes as 18 years equivalent degree, actually you join a unique educational model that makes you globally competitive by strengthening your critical thinking, decision making, managerial communication, leadership, and digital skills with the help of scientifically proven managerial diagnostics and decision-making frameworks.

Career Prospects

  • Senior Management Positions i.e. Directors, VPs, CEOs
  • Starting Own Venture
  • Training and Consultancy