PhD Economics

Obtain High Quality Academic Qualification and Training in the Field of Economics


The strong commitment of Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM) is to nurture a conducive environment for state-of-the-art focused research and policy analysis. This is manifested in its PhD program in Economics which intends to attract highly motivated academicians and researchers. The research-oriented Doctoral program in Economics provides a supportive research collaborative environment to its PhD scholars to acquire critical skills for competing in the global economy. This program also offers a solid foundation in theory and tools of economics along with the choice of several fields of specialization.

The major objective of the PhD program is to make its scholars capable of conducting competitive research independently in economics and other disciplines. Furthermore, the department provides an opportunity for its scholars to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and training in all aspects of the economy through interaction with industry leaders, seasoned policymakers, and experienced faculty from wide academic settings. 

Career Prospects

The PhD degree holders may have vast opportunities available to serve in:

    • Academic universities and Institutes
    • Public Sector Organizations like Ministry of Finance, Planning Commission
    • Central Banks, Banking and Financial Institutions
    • NGOs, and Research Policy Institutes
    • Corporate sector firms and Companies  
    • International Organizations e.g., World Bank, Asian Development Bank