PhD Statistics

Unlocking Data's Secrets, Empowering Minds & Advancing Research: Your Path to Data Science and Statistical Expertise


The PhD Statistics program imparts the rigor of the Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods- Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM) to uphold the research development initiatives. The program unwraps multiple avenues with the primary objective of generating scholars of global repute with ultra-version statistical skills and knowledge to comprehend multifaceted objectives.  The program pattern and courses are updated incessantly, incorporating international criteria and venture to fabricate elevated worthy Statisticians of sound expertise with an ability to endow the academia and industry with efficient analysis tools. This accomplishment demands research-oriented and innovative thinkers craving to endorse statistical knowledge. The PhD Statistics program crafts a learning environment by inviting research scholars and well-known Statisticians from National and International forums to impart their knowledge and experience and goes well with the individuals who are ready to endeavor in research hence establishing a platform for future teachers, technical advisors, industrial planners, data analysts etc.

The nation needs good statistical analysts and researchers for academic institutions and other research organizations. This objective cannot be achieved without in-depth knowledge of Statistical Techniques. PhD Statistics offered by UMT will help a lot to satisfy the need.

Upon completing the degree, graduates will understand statistical techniques and disseminate statistical knowledge through teaching and advising. Outreach programs to serve the needs of the University, and local and national bodies in research, government, business, and industry.

Career Prospects

The PhD degree holders may have vast opportunities available to serve in:

  • Data Analysts
  • Bio Statistician
  • Quality control Manager
  • Financial risk Analysts
  • Environmental Statistician
  • Operational Management
  • Information Technology
  • Agriculture