MS Strategic Human Resource Management

Managing people and organizations for high performance - A research-based approach


MS Strategic Human Resource Management (MS-SHRM) program is built upon our internationally acknowledged capability of developing globally competitive corporate and academic leaders. This program opens new avenues for leading organizations in the emerging global knowledge economies by understanding 21st-century HR philosophies, systems, and practices, duly needed to meet the strategic HR needs of organizations. In emerging knowledge economies marked by rapid digitalization, successful organizations develop their human resources as organizations’ strategic partners who understand the value of research-driven ideas and solutions. Accustomed to the guidelines of the Society of Human Resource Management (USA), courses are taught with a rich blend of research and practice where students receive an opportunity to develop and scientifically test innovative models and frameworks to address complex HR problems being faced by the organizations, governments, and society. Students enjoy a great amount of freedom to select courses of their choice and also to decide if they want to further strengthen their independent research skills through a thesis or to deepen practical skills by taking the equivalent coursework to complete the degree.

Career Prospects

  • Progression to Senior HR Positions
  • HR Consultancy and Training
  • Career in Research Organizations
  • Opportunities for International PhD Scholarships