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PhD StatisticsCredit HoursNo. of Courses
Graduation Requirement 54 6+ Dissertation
Core Courses



Elective Courses 9 3
Thesis: 36 -
Total Course work 18 credit hours


Core Courses:  

  • Advanced Topics in Experimental Designs
  • Advanced Topics in Sampling Techniques
  • Advanced Topics in Regression Analysis

Elective Courses:

  • Advanced Topics in Probability Theory
  • Advanced Generalized Linear Models
  • Advanced Topics in Model-Based Sampling
  • Advanced Topics in Statistical Inference
  • Advanced Topics in Multivariate Analysis
  • Advanced Econometrics for Count Data and Durations
  • Advanced Topics in Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • Advanced Categorical Data Analysis
  • Advanced Measure Theory
  • Advanced Topics in Survival Data Analysis
  • Advanced Applied Stochastic Models
  • Advanced Spatial Data Analysis
  • Advanced Distribution Theory
  • Advanced Inference in Stochastic Processes
  • Advanced Topics in Bayesian Inference
  • Advanced Optimization Techniques
  • Advanced Statistical Ecology
  • Advanced Medical Statistics
  • Advanced topics in Statistical Analysis of Clinical Trials
  • Advanced Financial Stochastic Models
  • Advanced Topics in Statistical Genetics
  • Advanced Topics in Repeated Measure Analysis
  • Advanced Topics in Decision Trees
  • Advanced Topics in Theory of Mixed Linear Models
  • Advanced Topics in Operations Research
  • Advanced Topics in Multilevel Modeling
  • Advanced Topics in Environmental Statistics
  • Advanced Topics in Statistical Quality Control
  • Advanced Topics in Response Surface Design
  • Recent Advances in Statistics
  • Computational Statistics
  • Advanced Topics Population and Demographic Analysis
  • Advanced Topics Reliability Analysis
  • Advanced Topics Bio-Statistics
  • Advanced Topics in Nonparametric Statistics
  • Advanced Topics in Chemometrics
  • Advanced Topics in Psychometrics

Comprehensive Examination:

Before the commencement of the thesis, every student has to take a comprehensive examination to demonstrate their grasp of knowledge that they acquired in the area of research. The comprehensive examination will be of 8 hours duration. The aim of the examination is to determine the student's ability to draw on the knowledge they acquired through an integrated framework. The grading will be based on Qualify/Not Qualify option.

PhD Synopsis

The scholars are encouraged to start their Research during their coursework so that they can present their PhD Synopsis in BASAR within one year after passing their comprehensive exam. As per UMT policy, any scholar unable to pass BASAR within one year after their comprehensive exam will be drop-out from the degree program, and their admission will be cancelled.

Doctoral Thesis:

The thesis write-up will start after the approval of the research proposal by the PhD committee. As per HEC policy, the final doctoral thesis is sent abroad for evaluation from two foreign experts. Based on the Evaluation Report by foreign experts, the student must take a Viva examination. The examiners will include external and internal examiners and, where possible, the foreign experts who evaluated the written thesis. All scholars must publish a scholarly paper in an HEC-recognized journal for the award of a PhD degree.