Bachelor of Business and Information Systems

Get Certifications from SAP, IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft

Semester 1Semester 2First Summer

English Grammar and Comprehension
Business Mathematics
Fundamentals of Accounting
Introduction to Business
Computer Applications in Business
Pakistan Development and Reconstruction

Islamic Perspective in Business
Business Statistics
Composition and Communication
Business Economics
Programming Fundamentals
Business Law

Corporate Social

Semester 3Semester 4Second Summer

Cost Accounting
Life and Learning
Principles of Management
Research Paper Writing

Database Management Systems

Data Communication & Networking

English for Specific Purposes (Business)
Business Finance
Principles of Marketing
Management Information Systems
IT Project Management
Data warehousing & Data Mining
International / National Tour
Semester 5Semester 6Third Summer

Financial Management

Enterprise Resource Planning
Introduction to Data Science
Big Data Management

English Immersion

Business Analytics
Business Research and Intelligence
Managing Human Capital
Decision Models
Specialization Course I*

21st Century Skills

Semester 7Semester 8
Production and Operations Management
Specialization Course II*
Specialization Course III*
English Immersion-3
Business Strategy
Specialization Course IV*
Specialization Course V*
Total Credit Hours: 126
Program Duration: 4 years

*Specialization Courses

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Internet Programming
  3. Decision Support Systems
  4. ERP Finance
  5. ERP Supply Chain Management
  6. Introduction to Machine Learning
  7. ERP CRM
  8. Web Marketing and Analytics